Board of Directors


Meet the Board of Directors

Bill Bradbury, Board President


Bill Bradbury grew up in Chicago, and moved to Bandon, Oregon in 1971. In Bandon, he owned and operated a small business before beginning his career in government. He served in the Oregon State Legislature for 14 years and was then elected Secretary of State, Oregon’s second-highest constitutional officer. While Secretary he chaired the Oregon Sustainability Board and served on the Global Warming Commission. Bill was one of the first 50 participants in Vice President Al Gore’s Climate Change training sessions in Nashville, and has given over 500 presentations since being trained in 2006.  He was appointed by the Governor to serve on the Northwest Power and Conservation Council in 2011. He was one of two Oregon members on the four-state body overseeing energy development and fishery programs operated by the Bonneville Power Administration.

In 2017 he officially retired, but continues his service on the Artula Washed Ashore Board.

Helen Farr

helen-farrHelen Farr has been an award-winning elementary educator for 25 years in the Coos Bay School District. She is a graduate of Marshfield High School in Coos Bay, and received her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree from The University of Oregon. During her teaching career Helen has taught grades 1-6 and in the last few years has focused specifically on 5th grade and in setting up sustainable practices and recycling programs in the schools. Prior to working as a volunteer with Washed Ashore she was teaching her students about marine debris and organizing beach clean-ups. After spending several months volunteering with Washed Ashore, Helen joined the Artula Institute Board of Directors. Both volunteering and serving on the board have given Helen the opportunity to involve many of her students and colleagues with the project, connecting two of her passions.

Marty Giles

marty-gilesMarty Giles is a professional environmental interpreter, and a writer and editor, and maintains a sole proprietorship business in each arena—Wavecrest Discoveries and SharpPoint Writing & Editing—since the mid-1990s. Wavecrest Discoveries offers “mind-refreshing guided nature excursions” in and around Oregon’s Coos Bay Area; SharpPoint Writing & Editing specializes in non-fiction writing (such as interpretive panels and documents for parks and similar resources), editing, teaching, and tutoring. Marty has a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies from Western Oregon University and a MS in Recreation Resource Management (specializing in interpretation) from Texas A&M University. Her broad experience in helping people make sense of the natural world spans over 45 years.

Widely active in the community, Marty currently serves on three boards—Artula, Coos Watershed Association, and the Marshfield Sun Printing Museum—and volunteers for a variety of other community and professional groups as specific needs arise. She lives in the Coos Bay area with her husband and teen-aged daughter.

Betsy Claassen

betsy-claassenBetsy was a full-time K-8 dance educator in the Vancouver, Washington public schools from 1992-2013. A modern dancer since high school, with a B.A. in Theatre Arts, a Master’s degree in Integrating Arts into Teaching, and 8 years dancing professionally with the Wendy Rogers Dance Company, she has experience and expertise as an educator and dance artist.

Betsy was born in St. Louis, Missouri but lived overseas in Iran, Switzerland, and England during her childhood and high school years. She now lives in Sonoma, CA with her husband. She is an avid kayaker, puppet enthusiast, and choral singer. As the newest member of the Artula Institute Board of Directors, she is delighted to bring her teaching background and skills, commitment to arts and environmental education and artistic talents to Washed Ashore.

Trish Mace

Trish Mace is the Director of the University of Oregon’s Charleston Marine Life Center, a public aquarium/museum that highlights the diversity of marine life and on-going ocean research. From 2011-2016, Trish was Manager of Ocean Education and Partnerships at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC, and prior to that, managed the National Science Foundation funded Graduates in K-12 Education’s marine education program at the University of Oregon’s Institute of Marine Biology. Trish has served on the Federal Interagency Working Group on Ocean Education, on the Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence council, and is a long-time member of the National Marine Educators Association. Trish enjoys sharing her excitement for ocean discovery and finding ways to engage people in their own discoveries through non-traditional ways, often including a blending of science and art.