“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead

Even Small Actions Make a Positive Difference: Beach Clean Ups


Remember, every day is a beach clean up day!  Go to the beach to enjoy the beauty and inspiration, and on your way back to the car, walk the high water mark with your bag or bucket at the ready. You will find plastics in the dry sand, beach grass and driftwood.  Plastic is lighter weight than shells, rocks and wet sticks and is often blown up the beach by the wind.

We accept beach debris every day at our parking lot at Art 101, 47134 Highway 101, Bandon, Oregon. Go with a friend to the beach and make double to impact!

Washed Ashore does organize regular beach clean ups and partners with SEA and SOLVE on the Oregon coast multiple times per year.

Please join our mailing list, check back here or follow us on our local Facebook page Washed Ashore – Bandon, to learn about our next scheduled beach clean-up.

Please RSVP in advance if you would like to volunteer for any scheduled  beach clean-up. Email our staff today! You can also ask questions or inquire to be added to the list for future announcements about beach clean ups.

People working together CAN create results. This project proves it! Over 25 tons of debris has been processed into over 80 works of art since 2010.

Turning debris into a powerful educational message is what we are all about!

Since our launch in 2010:

  • 90% of marine debris is petroleum based
  • 95% of all debris collected is used in the artwork
  • 300+ miles of beaches cleaned
  • 70+ sculptures have been created
  • 38,000 pounds of marine debris has been processed
  • 14,000+ hours have been contributed by volunteers
  • 10,000+ volunteers have participated

Turning Ocean Debris Into Works of Art





We collect trash that has been removed from beaches through volunteer community cleanups. This trash is then washed, sorted and prepared for the creation process. Each sculpture is designed and directed by a professional artist and then formed through a collaboration of Washed Ashore team members, volunteers and students.

A work of art is born. From tons of plastic pollution, monumental sculptures have arisen to awaken the hearts and minds of viewers to the marine debris crisis.

Our art pieces and educational programs travel the nation to inspire change in consumer habits.