Integrated Arts Marine Debris Curriculum

Introductory Materials


IAMDC Webinar

In this webinar introduction to the IAMDC, Patrick Chandler discusses his experience using art to communicate, conducting teachers’ workshops, curriculum development, and shares lessons learned. It originally aired on February 28, 2017.


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Lesson 1: Introduction

A general introduction to Washed Ashore and plastic pollution.

Lesson 1

Lesson 1 Overview Slides

Lesson 1 Visual Scavenger Hunt Slides

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Lesson 2: Color and Emotion

An introduction to using art as a language and creating art from unusual materials.

Lesson 2

Art Lessons Slides

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Lesson 3: What is Plastic?

An introduction to man-made polymers, both why they were created and how they are used.

Lesson 3

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Lesson 4: How Long Until It’s Gone?

An exploration into how long man-made substances can last in the environment and how different materials break down.

Lesson 4

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Lesson 5: Roughing It

A continuation of the study of using art as a language, focused on texture.

Lesson 5

Art Lessons Slides

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Lesson 6: Away is Not Away

Anymore An introduction to three of the most common destinations of our trash: the landfill, the recycling center, and the environment.

Lesson 6

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Lesson 7: What Goes Around Comes Around

A team building game that explores the ways we are all connected through the waste stream.

Lesson 7

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Lesson 8: Single Use Plastics

An introduction to single use plastics and the issues that they have created in the environment.

Lesson 8

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Lesson 9: Resourcefulness in a Bottle

A continuation of the study of using art as a language, focused on creating lines through processing.

Lesson 9

Art Lessons Slides

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Lesson 10: Packaging

Then and Now An investigation into how packaging has changed with the introduction of plastic and how it’s affecting the environment.

Lesson 10

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Lesson 11: Divide and Conquer!

An introduction to using mosaic technique to create community art.

Lesson 11

Art Lessons Slides

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Lesson 12: Culmination

In this final lesson, the masks will be completed to use in creating a classroom conservation project.

Lesson 12