Meet the Washed Ashore Project Team

Angela Haseltine Pozzi’s evolution as an artist shifted when she noticed immense amounts of plastic pollution on pristine southern Oregon beaches. As she learned more about ocean pollution from plastics and marine debris she became motivated to do something about it. Thus, the Washed Ashore Project was born.

Angela Haseltine Pozzi, Lead Artist and Executive Director


“Until we run out of plastic on the beach, we will keep doing our work.”
– Angela

Angela was born in Portland, Oregon to a family of artists. She attended the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Education. She continued her education at Portland State University, where she received a Masters in Education with an emphasis in Art Education. She has taught from elementary to college level students in both public and private schools and has spent much of her career lecturing, consulting, creating and exhibiting her artwork in galleries and museums.

As an internationally exhibiting artist, her expertise has led to her community involvement in multiple areas. In 1990 she founded “Creative Art Supplies,” which built 3-D art kits made out of recycled materials, using the assistance of adults with developmental disabilities. In 2008, Angela founded Artula Retreat and Residency Program and Arts Institute, which evolved in 2010 into the 501(c)3 non-profit Artula Institute for Arts and Environmental Education.

Angela’s evolution as an artist shifted when she noticed immense amounts of plastic pollution on pristine southern Oregon beaches. As she learned more about ocean pollution from plastics and marine debris she became motivated to do something about it. Thus, the Washed Ashore Project was born. Angela decided to enlist the help of hundreds of local volunteers to clean up the beaches, and use all the debris to construct massive sculptures of the sea animals most affected by the pollution. These sculptures now tour as the “Washed Ashore Project” traveling exhibit, educating and inspiring countless people from diverse
backgrounds to take action in their own lives to prevent contributing to this global problem. Her work continues as Lead Artist, designing and creating a multitude of sea creatures from the ongoing tons of marine debris with the goal to have a global impact. As the leader of a team of dedicated employees and hundreds of volunteers, Angela has vowed that this effort is her calling and “until we run out of plastic on the beach, we will keep doing our work.”

Frank Rocco, Marketing Director

Born in New York City, Frank studied marketing and music and worked at Manhattan advertising agencies as a creative writer, art director and TV commercial producer. Later he moved to Europe and worked with McCann-Erickson in London, a major international ad agency where he wrote advertising for top global clients. In Amsterdam, Holland Frank launched The Creative Handbook-Europe, the first pan-European directory of advertising services that covered Belgium, France, Holland, Italy, Switzerland, and the UK. In 1989, he became a Managing Partner at CCMR Marketing Communications, a full-service U.S. advertising agency whose clients included multi-national business organizations such as IBM, Berlitz and Hitachi.

Frank moved to California in 2004 and was a marketing consultant for start-up Internet and software companies. Since 2011 he has been responsible for helping Artula Institute for Arts and Environmental Education market its “Washed Ashore: Art to Save the Sea” traveling exhibit and educational programs to organizations in the U.S. and around the world. Frank’s dedication to the mission of Washed Ashore and his love of hard work has placed us on a global stage.

Patrick Chandler, Education Director

Patrick Chandler has ten years’ experience working in and developing environmental education, stewardship and science programs. Prior to joining the Washed Ashore team he spent five years in Alaska where he taught biology for Kenai Peninsula College, served as the International Coastal Cleanup Coordinator for Alaska and worked as the Special programs coordinator for the Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies.

Patrick met Angela in 2011 during the International Marine Debris Conference in Honolulu, HI. He was inspired by Angela’s art and over the next two years worked with Angela to design the first satellite project of Washed Ashore, which he toured with around the state of Alaska to raise marine debris and plastics awareness.

When he’s not working, Patrick loves spending time outdoors, cooking and eating wonderful food, and traveling.

Jessie Bradley, Operations Manager

jessie-bradleyJessie was born and raised in Bandon, Oregon. She attended St John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico and graduated with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts from Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. Throughout high school and college she worked for her father, a Certified Public Accountant and participated in art gallery management and administrative work-study positions.

In 1999 she moved to Boston, Massachusetts and worked for Circles: a world wide, online concierge and employee benefit service that specialized in internet administrative support, research and customer service for companies like American Express and Microsoft.

In 2002 she moved home to Bandon and was licensed as a RMI (responsible managing individual) for a small construction company. For the last 15 years she has served as a consultant assisting small business entrepreneurs and artists to navigate the necessary business practices needed to operate their companies successfully. Her work with Washed Ashore allows her to use her accounting and management talents in the arts with the purpose of saving the ocean and benefiting the community, ocean and beaches she grew up loving.

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Mary Johnson, Community Outreach Director

mary-johnsonMary was born and raised in Ohio on the Great Lakes, spent time in California and later moved to Oregon. From a young age she has loved to participate in service projects, which led her to a career in service and collaboration. She has worked with several non-profits that assist low-income individuals and adults with developmental disabilities. Mary has also proved to be a major asset in increasing community involvement with Washed Ashore. She now heads community outreach and education efforts, partnering with schools, service clubs and other businesses and organizations in raising awareness and educating about marine debris. She also provides benefit performances as lead singer of her band “Done Deal” to raise money and support local organizations. Mary is responsible for presentations, tours, outreach and networking with local and state agencies, and brings a passion and commitment to her job that is contagious. Mary is excited to be a part of Washed Ashore’s work because she is able to utilize all the skills she has developed over the years with educational tools, collaborative efforts and networking.

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Elizabeth Roberts, Art Assistant

elizabeth-robertsBorn in Walnut Creek, California and raised in Southern Oregon, Elizabeth is a self-taught artist who has worked primarily in mixed media and fiber art. In 1995 she moved to Kodiak, Alaska where she spent 18 years immersed in it’s community, culture and history. In 2004 she opened The Rookery, Kodiak’s first retail yarn and fiber store that is currently still serving the Kodiak community.

Elizabeth also partnered with Ocean Science Discovery Lab, providing free marine science and art workshops to young children once a month. During her time on Kodiak Island she became involved with the Borough School Districts Artist in Schools Program where she worked with teachers to integrate art into the curriculum and traveled to rural schools in remote villages to work with students.

At the time Elizabeth participated in several large scale tsunami marine debris removal projects on remote islands in the Gulf of Alaska. In 2013 she spent a month living in a tent on Tugidak Island where she and many other volunteers collectively removed over 60,000 lbs of debris from critical ground nesting bird and seal habitat. Elizabeth enjoys hiking, canoeing, camping, beach combing, creating art, traveling and cultivating a sustainable lifestyle. At Washed Ashore Elizabeth helps to build and to add her creativity to the final design of our dramatic marine debris artwork.

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Anthony Pescatore, Facilities Assistant

anthony-pescatoreAnthony moved to Oregon 25 years ago and is a professional carpenter, musician and jack-of-all-trades. He has managed temporary homeless shelters and is very active in our local community.

He has been working with the Washed Ashore project for two years as an, Art Assistant, which involves prepping art supplies, constructing exhibits and installing and de-installing the sculptures at various exhibit sites.

Daniel Adelman, Production Assistant

daniel-adelmanDaniel was born and raised in San Pedro, California. He moved to Bandon, Oregon in 2006 and started volunteering with Lead Artist, Angela Haseltine Pozzi in 2008. He eventually became an employee with Washed Ashore in 2010 and is now a core member of the Washed Ashore creative team responsible for washing and prepping all the art supplies. Daniel has found great inspiration and enjoyment working with the Washed Ashore Project. He appreciates the gracious and encouraging mentors and the strong sense of job satisfaction. Daniel feels that being a part of Washed Ashore has been life changing. His call to volunteer has always been strong and he currently volunteers at the South Coast Animal Shelter, walking and grooming dogs. Outside of Washed Ashore, Daniel has a passion for hiking and mountain biking.

Vinnie Fowler, 2D Designer

vinnie-fowlerBorn and raised in Auburn, California, Vinnie attended California College of Art and Design in Oakland. He worked for over 30 years in technical and architectural design and drafting for the casino industry in Lake Tahoe and Las Vegas. In 2010 Vinnie moved to Bandon, Oregon where he was introduced to Washed Ashore and he was hired to help conceptualize the early sculptures with Angela Haseltine Pozzi. For the past 4 years, V.C.Fowler Designs has assisted Angela in designing the larger sculptures, creating technical and engineering drawings for welders and beautiful illustrations to inspire Washed Ashore’s volunteers.

Bailey Reinmiller, Bandon Exhibit Manager

baily-reinmillerBailey Reinmiller is a native Oregonian and is originally from Portland. She attended the University of Oregon and graduated with degrees in Environmental Science and Geography. Upon graduating, she entered the Peace Corps and spent two years working on environmental projects in Benin, West Africa.

In 2013 she moved to Bandon to serve as an Americorps Volunteer through the United Communities Action Network. The focus of her service was as a STEM Specialist at the Boys and Girls Club of Southwestern Oregon. It was around this time that Bailey started volunteering with Washed Ashore and fell in love with its mission. When she eventually came on board with the project as the Bandon Exhibit Manager she was able to put her past experience and passion for the environment to good use.

Kricket Caffery, Workshop Instructor

kricket-cafferyKricket Caffery is the Washed Ashore workshop instructor and is responsible for teaching volunteers how to create the piecework for future sculptures. She is an artist, a circus equipment manufacturer, a contraptioneer, unique puppet and creature fabricator, gardener, nature enthusiast, community builder, and an “I can do anything” kind of a person!

Ann Sandstrom, Bandon Exhibit Staff

ann-sandstromAnn Sandstrom has always been an “ocean” person. As a teenager she spent time with her grandparents at Carona del Mar, California, visited beaches in San Francisco bay area with her family, and later always chose “to go west.” Moving to Bandon was a dream come true.

Ann raised three daughters and has a long career as an elementary school teacher. She began as a volunteer in our Bandon Washed Ashore exhibit in 2013 and later joined the staff.

Ann looks forward to greeting people and sharing the Washed Ashore project and her enthusiasm for it. She is old enough to remember when oceans and beaches were clean, and want to be part of making that happen again.

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